What is Interior Design Community?

Interior Design Community stated in Google+ 9 years ago. We wanted to have a place where the design industry professionals could come together and share tips and tricks or even just to vent. Managing websites and handling social media networks, plus all the tasks required of a design professional. We knew that although one person might not have all the answers, together we would. We started weekly webinars with industry professionals, brands, design coaches, web developers, SEO strategists, makers, and more. We had group Pinterest Boards, Group lists of designer-friendly resources, Lists of great makers, and a follow-back program for Pinterest, Twitter, etc. We were thriving…. until we weren’t. The algorithm changed, and we lost engagement.

We then started over again on Instagram. Shout out to our #IDCDesigners! We offer questions of the day to encourage designers to share and learn from one another. We spotlight interior designers doing exciting projects. We share the hottest industry news or industry initiatives that matter most to our members. We made you laugh with our homemade gifs. We grew to 94,000 followers, and we love our community. Yet another algorithm change makes it harder for our members to find us and connect.

We also have a smaller community on Facebook. It is small but filled with top industry professionals. The discussions there are deep and meaningful and help our members’ businesses. We have promoted our own designers’ quotes on blogs and Pinterest, with many quoted later in significant shelter magazines. We work together to help non-profits and to help interior designers in need. We unite to conquer some of the design industry’s most significant issues.

Join us to be a part of something new. Something we can build together.

A valuable resource for any designer. Post problems or celebrations and within minutes get responses from professionals all over the world. It’s a go-to resource for me.

Lisa mende
Designing for a Better Future

Our Philosophy

We believe that interior design goes beyond aesthetics. It is about creating spaces that enhance well-being, inspire creativity, and promote sustainability. Our goal is to empower designers with the knowledge and tools to make a positive impact.

Through collaboration, innovation, and a strong focus on professional growth, our community fosters a supportive environment for interior designers to thrive. Together, we can shape the future of design and create spaces that enrich lives.

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