To-The-Trade Season: 01 Episode: 05 Interview with Austin Handler of Mabley Handler on Opening a Showroom

Interior Design Community: Austin Handler from Mabley Handler

This episode of Interior Design Community features Austin Handler from Mabley Handler and the host Lori Leer. Austin and his wife Jennifer run a successful interior design business in the Hamptons and are now opening a showroom in Florida.

The blog post starts with a fun anecdote about how Austin and Jennifer got started in the business. Neither had planned to be a Hampton designer, but when they moved out there, Jennifer wanted to get back into interior design and Austin was happy to help. Their big break came when they were asked to design a room at a show house, which was then featured on the front page of the New York Times.

From there, their business took off. They built a reputation as the go-to designers in the Hamptons and eventually started working with builders and developers. Austin says that they never set out to become famous designers, but they are grateful for the success they have achieved.

We then discuss Austin and Jennifer’s decision to open a showroom in Florida. They have always loved the design aesthetic of South Florida and wanted to spend more time there. They also saw an opportunity to fill a niche for designer-owned showrooms in the area.

Learn from Austin and Jennifer’s challenges and rewards of opening a showroom in a new location. Austin talks about the importance of finding a good contractor and staff, as well as building relationships with the local design community. He also emphasizes the importance of designer-owned showrooms, which can provide a unique level of service and support to other designers.

Remember, you’re not just a designer, you’re part of a community. And with To-The-Trade, you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone again.

P.S. We have some amazing guests and juicy topics lined up, so stay tuned!

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